Youth work for career management with different abilities’ youngsters

Topics: Career guidance; Cooperation between educational institutions and business; Disabilities
Action Type: Cooperation partnerships in youth
Countries Covered: 🇩🇪 Germany 🇭🇷 Croatia 🇧🇪 Belgium 🇷🇸 Serbia 🇮🇹 Italy
Project card:

This project focuses on career guidance and cooperation between educational institutions and businesses, with a specific emphasis on youth with disabilities. The project is a cooperation partnership between organizations from Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Serbia, and Italy, and aims to promote entrepreneurship and employability skills among youth with disabilities through career guidance and management.

The project partners recognize the challenges faced by youth, particularly those with disabilities, in the current economic climate. High unemployment rates and the extinction of certain jobs and occupations require new sets of skills, including digital skills, for employment, self-employment, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, there is a lack of awareness among youth about the importance of career management and personal development, particularly among those with fewer opportunities.

To address these challenges, the project partners aim to develop innovative and up-to-date resources for career management for youth with disabilities. These resources include a handbook, a curriculum for empowering youth workers, a toolkit for mentoring and supporting beneficiaries, and an e-learning course for beneficiaries. These resources will be used to provide quality non-formal education about career management to youth with disabilities, as well as to empower youth workers to organize adequate career orientation, planning, and development programs.

The project will have a direct impact on 14 staff/project managers and assistants, 18 teachers/trainers/researchers/technicians, 18 youth workers trained as trainers for other youth workers, 20 multipliers/youth workers who will test the outputs with at least 50 beneficiaries on a local level, and 120 participants of the multiplier events.

Through this project, Outreach Hannover and its partners aim to promote inclusion and equal opportunities for youth with disabilities in the field of career management and entrepreneurship, and to empower them to create their own employment opportunities.

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