Past work

Our organization is dedicated to improving the lives of young people and adults by empowering them through education, training, and personal development. Our mission is to combat social exclusion, youth unemployment, and promote active citizenship by providing quality education and training opportunities.

Through our participation in the Erasmus+ program, we have been able to collaborate with organizations from different countries on a variety of projects. These projects have focused on promoting entrepreneurship education, enhancing employability skills, improving the quality of inclusion and employability impact in youth projects, and addressing the lack of attention to healthy lifestyles among young people.

In our projects, we have developed specific tools, tried out non-formal learning in entrepreneurial education, and developed recommendations for quality inclusion/employability projects. These projects have provided opportunities for youth workers to acquire practical and theoretical tools and skills to better do quality fundraising from different sources and online tools.

Our projects have brought together participants from different countries and backgrounds, providing opportunities for them to reflect and exchange opinions about inclusion/exclusion, unemployment, and entrepreneurship. The projects have also facilitated the development of new projects and future European level cooperation among partners.

Overall, our past projects have had a direct impact on participants and partner organizations, improving their skills and competencies and equipping them with the necessary tools to combat social exclusion and youth unemployment. We believe that these projects have had a long-term sustainable impact on increasing the employability skills of young people and promoting active European citizenship.

We will continue to work towards our mission and objectives by providing quality education and training opportunities for young people and adults in our community and beyond.

More information about our past projects and specifics, including results, can be found at Erasmus+ EU programme for education, training, youth and sport’s project results platform.

If you have any additional questions or would like to contact us with any other inquiry, we are happy to hear from you!

Our past projects: