Ongoing projects

  • Our project aims to strengthen the capacities of youth workers and young people in preventing and combating radicalization through the development of educational tools for online and offline anti-radicalization youth work. Our objectives include raising awareness on negative impacts of radicalization, empowering youth workers, and exchanging good practices. Our activities include partnership meetings, intellectual outputs, training of trainers, and multiplier events. Through intellectual outputs including a Handbook, Toolkit, Curriculum, and e-Learning Course, we will publish materials in 7 languages and empower at least 140 multipliers. Our ultimate goal is to create a safer and more inclusive society for all.

  • Our project aims to empower parents and guardians of young adults with disabilities, and support them in promoting their children’s independent living. Through a mentorship program and e-learning course, we will provide the necessary tools and knowledge to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, and increase their civic engagement and participation. Our goal is to address the pressing need for long-term solutions to support the independent living of people with disabilities, and ultimately create a more inclusive society.

  • This cooperation partnership project aims to promote entrepreneurship and employability skills among youth with disabilities through career guidance and management. Partners from Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Serbia, and Italy are developing innovative resources for career management, including a handbook, curriculum, toolkit, and e-learning course for beneficiaries. The project aims to provide quality non-formal education about career management to youth with disabilities and empower them to create their own employment opportunities. Through this project, Outreach Hannover and its partners aim to promote inclusion and equal opportunities for youth with disabilities.

  • The project aims to prevent cyberbullying and peer violence among youth. It involves developing a curriculum and online course for youth workers and a toolkit for vulnerable youngsters. The project aims to empower youth workers and peer educators in the prevention of cyberbullying and peer violence while increasing young people’s competencies in recognizing and taking an active stand towards prevention. Through this project, Outreach Hannover and its partners aim to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all young people.